David Frum makes Twitchy appearances fairly often because he has a tendency to tweet really stupid stuff, and today is no exception. Frum decided that Elon Musk should not have to give Ukraine free internet forever but then went on to say the US government has a basis on which to seize Starlink as critical infrastructure to be used during wartime.

Welp, there are quite a few problems with that and Twitter was very helpful in pointing them all out but there were some nutters who agreed and doubled down. Another Twitchy regular, Brianna Wu, agreed to go full-commie with Frum.

Ok, let us see if we have this correct, seizing assets, technology, and intellectual property to fight a war, that the US is not even fighting is AWESOME!?!? We are not ok with that! The fact WE ARE NOT IN WAR was the main thing to be discussed. Ukraine is in the war, not us.

So we have established we are not in a war, which leads us to the second problem most wanted to discuss, the fact that Frum used Woodrow Wilson as his example. Let’s be honest, Wilson is not a very good example to use for anything.

Of course, he does it with a straight face. He really believes the things he spouts.

We are not fans of the government thinking they can seize anything, even in a war, but as we have shown, WE ARE NOT IN WAR so the idea Mr. Frum is pushing is even more disgusting. We will end with a sentiment much like the last tweet in the story: Shut up and sit down Mr. Frum.

Editor’s Note:

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