You won’t find us giving props to CNN very often, but we’re happy to do it when we have the opportunity. Now, granted, the bar for props is pretty low. In this case, it’s basically that they’re actually honestly fact-checking something a Democrat said. But still. Credit where it’s due.

During his recent sit-down interview with NBC News’ Dasha Burns — the one that many Guardians of Truth and lefties have slammed as exploitative and cruel and unfair — Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman said:

“I’ve always supported [fracking], as long as it’s done environmentally sound and making sure that we’re not contaminating our waterways,” he added.

“Right now, fracking and other traditional kinds of fossil fuels are part of our energy portfolio,” he continued. “And as long as we keep transitioning towards green energy, that’s the way I believe it’s the way to go forward. But again, there were those two truths. Energy security is critical, but also climate change is also very critical.”

Except here’s the thing: as CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski notes, Fetterman has not, in fact, always supported fracking. Fetterman’s actually been a vocal opponent of fracking:


“I don’t support fracking, at all and I never have,” Fetterman told a left-wing YouTube channel in 2018 when running for lieutenant governor. “And I’ve, I’ve signed the no fossil fuels money pledge. I have never received a dime from any natural gas or oil company whatsoever.”

“I am not pro-fracking and have stated that if we did things right in this state, we wouldn’t have fracking. The industry is a stain on our state and natural resources,” Fetterman wrote in [a 2016 Reddit] post, first reported by Fox News earlier in the year. “But yes, of course I worry about the viability of getting a ban on fracking done when the industry is already so entrenched in Pennsylvania. Like Sestak I’ve called for the same thing – a moratorium. I signed the Food and Water Watch’s pledge to end fracking.”

When you’ve lost CNN … some liberals get very, very mad.

No doubt most Democrats and Fetterman supporters will dismiss CNN’s fact-check as a big, dumb nothingburger, but it’s not a nothingburger. Fetterman wants to be the next U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania, where the fracking industry is a significant part of the state’s economy.

And then, of course, there’s the totally contradictory positions. Did Fetterman just “evolve” on the issue in a desperate attempt to sell himself as an honorary member of the working class? Or did his stroke cause him to just straight-up forget what he used to believe?

Anyway, for what it’s worth, CNN, we wouldn’t mind seeing more fact-checking like the above. Democrats don’t like being held to account, but they deserve it just as much as Republicans do. Some libs out there clearly don’t agree with that:


Figures they’d get mad when CNN actually puts Facts First™.


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