Ted Cruz was good enough to share a picture he found of what a Democrat voter looks like while examining Biden’s record not only as president but for the entirety of his political career.

So many Biden/Democrat supporters look like this figuratively and even literally these days, which makes it even funnier.

You know this person drives around alone and masked.

Does this photo make you guys feel totally claustrophobic or what? This editor was on a flight this past summer and the guy in front had his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth covered during the entire four-hour flight and full transparency, it was a little panic-inducing to think of being that closed off from the world. Then again, when you think about how hard Democrats have to work to avoid admitting how badly Biden and Democrats have performed this pic really works.

Which is why so many on the Left got all sorts of crabby about it.

Same reaction, like every time.

The only Republican who triggers the humorless scolds more than Ted Cruz is Trump … maybe Marjorie Taylor Greene.

She’s getting there.

And honestly, we’d probably be pissed as well if Biden was the guy we voted for, especially as the midterms loom ever closer.



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