Horror gripped the city of Paris this week after the body of a 12-year-old girl was found in a suitcase on the street.

The girl, identified as Lola Daviet, had her hands and feet bound and her throat slit, and is believed to have been raped and tortured before she was murdered, Yahoo News reported. In addition, the numbers “1” and “0” were written on post-it notes on the girl’s feet. After finding her body, police reviewed CCTV footage outside the apartment building where Lola lived with her family and saw a woman with the child.

That woman, identified as 24-year-old Dahbia B, originally from Algeria, has since been arrested and charged with the rape and murder of a minor under the age of 15. She has also been charged with torture and abuse.

Prosecutors said on Monday in a press release that during questioning, Dahbia made “varying statements, switching between admitting and denying the facts of the case” before finally admitting that she took Lola to her sister’s apartment. Once inside, Dahbia allegedly told authorities, she forced the young girl to shower and proceeded to commit “harm of a sexual nature and other violent acts against [Lola] that caused her death and hid her body in the trunk,” according to prosecutors.

A source close to the investigation also told the Daily Mail that Dahbia boasted about “selling body parts” and told law enforcement that she had taken Lola to the basement of the apartment building to rape and torture the young girl before slitting her throat.

A post-mortem examination determined Lola died of cardio-respiratory failure, with signs of asphyxiation and cervical compression, Yahoo reported.

Initially, seven people were taken into custody in connection with the crime, including Dahbia’s older sister Friha and a 43-year-old man who admitted to bringing Dahbia to his home along with two suitcases, including the one that contained Lola’s body. He reportedly told authorities that Dahbia then left in a chauffeur-driven car he arranged for her, Yahoo reported.

The other four people detained in connection with the crime have been released.

Dahbia has been described as homeless and having serious psychological problems, the Mail reported. Locals reported seeing Dahbia dragging a large suitcase around and asking people to help her carry it. One witness said Dahbia “seemed a little crazy,” according to Yahoo.

Lola’s parents insisted Dahbia must have gained the young girl’s trust before allegedly raping and torturing her. Lola’s father, Johan, reported her missing after she didn’t return home from school on Friday.

Those arrested are reportedly all from Algeria, causing members of France’s National Rally party to call out the immigration policies they say allowed this horrific crime to occur.

Stéphane Ravier, the senator for Bouches-du-Rhône, said the country’s “youth is being slaughtered while professional mourners chase imaginary Islamophobia.”

Marine Le Pen, the current leader of the National Rally, said that one day, “it will be necessary to go to the end of the investigations to find, not only the direct culprits, but also to stop the crazy policies which make these crimes possible.”

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