MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell sat down with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today for a lovely chat about how awesome Nancy Pelosi is. We’re being facetious, but not that facetious. In a conversation with Pelosi about Republican momentum heading into the midterms, Mitchell kindly prefaced her question to Pelosi about Americans’ concerns about the economy and crime with reminders for everyone what an amazing and “extraordinary” job this Congress has done tackling domestic issues and the economy.

But that still wasn’t a friendly enough lead-in for Pelosi, whose answer pretty clearly betrayed her frustration at being asked to explain why the Biden administration’s messaging on issues like the economy doesn’t seem to be very effective when it comes to courting Democratic voters:

“I dismiss that,” she says.

And Democrats say the GOP is reality-averse.

She might as well have stuck her fingers in her ears. She’s definitely trying to drown out the truth.

So much cope. Well, cope and delusion.

And sneering condescension, of course.

Are you listening, RNC?


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