It’s weird … we keep looking around for Brian Stelter to pop up and weigh in on these attacks on journalists, but we don’t think he watches Fox News 24/7 anymore. Fortunately, we still have the Daily Beast’s media reporter, Justin Baragona, to keep people like Tucker Carlson in check. Carlson opened up NBC News’ Brandy Zadrozny for “mob-like harassment” by calling her a stormtrooper.

We need more evidence that Zadrozny is a really good person. We’ve done a lot of posts on her and she just seems like another activist pretending to be a journalist.

We’re noticing that the list of people and things you’re allowed to criticize keeps getting shorter because you’re opening them up to “stochastic terrorism.” Carlson’s had mobs show up at his house, but we don’t recall the Left getting too outraged over that.

Here’s Glenn Greenwald to remind us that we have the right to criticize journalists:

In case you missed it, the photo on the left is of the Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz knocking on the door of relatives of Libs of TikTok in the process of writing her hit piece in which the Post linked to her real estate license (and later backtracked and stealth-removed it).

We can’t remember at the moment who suggested that journalists be a protected class, although CNN’s Jim Acosta wrote a book about it being a dangerous time to tell the truth in America (after people started chanting “CNN sucks!” at Trump rallies).


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