Minority leader Kevin McCarthy suggests that he doesn’t support pursuing impeachment of any of Biden’s cabinet officials, or Biden himself, if Republicans win back the House in November.

McCarthy told this to Punchbowl News yesterday.

Here’s more via Daily Mail:

Kevin McCarthy is not as eager as his GOP colleagues to immediately seek impeachment against Joe Biden’s Cabinet members if they win back a majority in the November midterms.

Some Republicans are out for blood – seeking revenge by way of Biden and his team after Democrats politicized impeachment and sought it against Donald Trump two times during his four years in office.

The House GOP Leader, however, told Punchbowl News that Americans don’t ‘like impeachment used for political purposes at all,’ and said ‘the country wants to heal’ and see a ‘system that actually works.’

He also said that Republicans need to maintain their integrity by not turning around and engaging in the same politically-motivated actions that they railed against the opposing party for doing the last four years.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Attorney General Merrick Garland are the top two names that have been floated by some House Republicans as potential targets should the lower chamber turn red.

Some Republicans have even floated impeaching President Joe Biden, who turns 80 next month, by calling into question his physical and mental fitness to serve.

McCarthy, asked if anyone within the administration has engaged in conduct that would cause him to consider impeachment, said: ‘I don’t see it before me right now.’

‘You watch what the Democrats did – they all came out and said they would impeach before Trump was ever sworn in,’ the California Republican congressman said. ‘There wasn’t a purpose for it.’

‘If you spent all that time arguing against using impeachment for political purposes, you gotta be able to sustain exactly what you said,’ McCarthy added.

‘I think the country doesn’t like impeachment used for political purposes at all,’ McCarthy said. ‘If anyone ever rises to that occasion, you have to, but I think the country wants to heal and … start to see the system that actually works.’

While McCarthy says he is against ‘impeachment for political purposes’, that still leaves wiggle room for taking that action in instances he claims are not politically motivated.

Calls for Mayorkas’ impeachment are by far the most popular among border hawk Republicans.

There are several Republicans calling for the impeachment of Mayorkas over his handling of the border. Namely, Arizona Representatives Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar, Texas Representative Chip Roy and Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

But according to McCarthy, he doesn’t see any conduct that he’d consider impeachable from Mayorkas or anyone else.

If he won’t go near Mayorkas then you know he won’t go near Joe Biden.

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