(NOTE: I read The New York Times Opinion section so that others don’t have to. While I could write something every day that mocks the lunacy there, I decided to just highlight a few of them once a week. I’ll also offer one from The Washington Post so they don’t feel left out. I provide the actual headline from the op-ed and go from there. Enjoy.)

We talked last week about themes emerging in the Opinion sections of The New York Times and The Washington Post. As I survey them both each week, the hive mind marching orders appear rather quickly. Three of the op-eds I’m covering this week have a different kind of theme: they could only have been written by people who have had their worldviews warped by too much time spent in the coastal liberal media bubbles.

We’ll begin with the one that didn’t quite fit the theme.

1: Same-Sex Marriage Is a Religious Freedom

I didn’t even have to open this article to know it was written by an Episcopalian. It’s going to take some effort, but I will be as polite as I can here.

This paragraph follows the author’s assurance that he would defend the First Amendment rights of other religious institutions to operate without the government getting its filthy paws involved:

I pay attention to these cases not as a lawyer but as a gay man and a Christian. The arbitrary nature of what mostly straight people decide queer people can and cannot do trains us to keep an eye out on legal developments. But as a Christian, I consistently marvel at the vast theological differences between me and many of my coreligionists. I often wonder how they square all this legal contortion to restrict the rights of others with Jesus’ Great Commandment to love God and one another with all we have. Religious people on either side of this divide have largely settled into a chilly détente over our irreconcilable interpretations of Scripture. But I also doubt that those opposed to marriage equality have ever considered the mismatched scale of our respective motivations: If they win, they get to discriminate in the name of God; if we win, we get to keep the blessing of our families.

Translation: I listen to Jesus better than the churches that have been following tradition for 2000 years. 

He then explores a couple of court cases that involve private businesses refusing service to same-sex couples on religious grounds. The semi-argument he makes there only works if one presumes that all same-sex married couples are religious. The author wraps up with a thinly veiled “you will be made to care” conclusion.

Look, I don’t care what the Episcopalians do. They’ve opted for moral relativism that’s buffeted about by the societal whims of the day and it works for them. However, attempting to make the case that the Roman or Eastern Orthodox Catholic Churches (it’s easy to infer that these are who he’s primarily talking about) are out of touch with Jesus because they eschew 21st century wokeness is, put mildy, insane.

Same-sex marriage is one of those issues that the liberals could have simply left alone and taken a 95% win on. They’re never satisfied though. Now they won’t be happy until they’ve shot the First Amendment all to hell and made the government force the Roman Catholic Church to acquiesce.

Good luck with that.

2: Xi Jinping Has Fallen Into the Dictator Trap

Onto the aforementioned coastal bubbles. Leftists never grasp that concentration of power and evil are always the end goals of communism. In their history-averse brains, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do communism. None of them have noticed that there are no examples of the right way.

3: Kanye Shows Where the Right’s Troll Politics Lead

This one was written by the chronically obtuse Michelle Goldberg.

Forget the coastal media bubble, Goldberg’s brain often seems as if it’s actually encased in bubble wrap.

Her premise here is that conservatives are steeped in antisemitism, a charge that can’t be taken seriously in any context but is doubly laughable when being leveled by anyone in The New York Times. It’s like Ana Navarro calling people fat.

To give you an idea of just how addled our girl Chelle is, she posits that criticism of George Soros is proof of antisemitism on the right.

No, really.

Here’s the line that’s proof of just how out of touch with reality Goldberg is:

It’s not surprising that few conservatives are rushing to distance themselves from Ye, committed as they are to defending their right to malign their enemies without consequence.

I will guarantee you that for five days a week I monitor the opinions of more conservatives in an hour than Michelle Goldberg has in her entire life. I’ve seen nothing but people on the right disavowing Kanye’s comments and distancing themselves from him. I’m talking about prominent conservatives with audiences here.

Goldberg is comfortable writing drivel like this because she knows that leftmedia denizens like her are never held accountable for being bat-you-know-what crazy.

Put down the Che sexual fanfic for a while and get out of the house, Michelle.

PostScript: Why Anthony Fauci is the greatest public servant I have known

Hoo-boy. Leftmedia hacks never realize that nonsense like this is a cry for help.

First, I find it ridiculous when people refer to well-paid bureaucrats or politicians as public servants. It’s not like these very well-off people have been volunteering at food banks throughout their careers. Anthony Fauci has a net worth of over $12 million. Not bad for a career spent sucking off the teat of the American taxpayer and often being spectacularly wrong.

The coastal bubble angle has to do with the fact that normal people don’t worship bureaucrats or even politicians for that matter. This is a product of the godless secularism that now plagues the United States. The hero-worship of Fauci is truly disturbing. He did almost as much to ruin lives as COVID itself did, yet millions of leftists are still participating in a mass hallucination that sees him as a divine government being.

I’m still annoyed with Trump for not firing the idiot.

That’s it for this week. I was kind of serious for this one, wasn’t I? Maybe I’ll meditate before I write next week’s column.


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