You can tell that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has overseen a successful recovery effort following Hurricane Ian’s destruction based on the fact that the Left’s criticisms have been focused on either false claims or the governor’s boots.

Meanwhile, the actual recovery has been impressive:

There’s also the fast rebuilding of the Pine Island bridge:

For a quick “compare & contrast,” Mark Hemingway has provided a story from a super-progressive area of the country:

Yikes! If those same lefties were in charge of Florida the hurricane recovery would take at least another 100 years.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

The toilet — just one loo in 150 square feet of space — is projected to cost $1.7 million, about the same as a single-family home in this wildly overpriced city. And it won’t be ready for use until 2025.

Assemblymember Matt Haney (D-San Francisco) secured the $1.7 million from the state for the toilet after hearing “loud and clear” from the community that families needed a bathroom. The plumbing is already there, added when the plaza was constructed six years ago, but there was never money for the actual bathroom. Until Haney stepped in.

So in a city where (in parts of it anyway) they’ll let you go to the bathroom on the street they’ll spend seven figures and several years to construct a toilet, all while calling Ron DeSantis a bad governor? Unreal.

But sure, let’s put more “progressives” in charge of things!



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