As we were super pleased to tell you, The Reload’s Stephen Gutowski is joining CNN as a firearms analyst.

This is indisputably fantastic news. Of course, there will always be some jerks out there to dispute it.

If offering balance to conversations about guns and gun rights and gun control makes CNN “right-wing,” then OK. Guess some people are genuinely afraid of being exposed to accurate information that contradicts their worldview.

And speaking of people who are genuinely afraid of being exposed to accurate information that contradicts their worldview, let’s see how one of America’s premier gun-grabbers Shannon Watts feels about CNN’s new hire:

… someone who actually knows what the hell he’s talking about and relies on fact-based arguments rather than shameless appeals to emotion, unlike Shannon Watts.

It absolutely will. And there’s absolutely nothing in the tweets Watts screenshotted to suggest otherwise. If anything, Gutowski treats her with far more respect than she actually deserves. Because he’s just that kind of guy.

Gutowski has no allegiance to the “gun lobby.” He just believes in, and, more importantly, understands the Second Amendment and the ins and outs of firearms.

Oh well. She tried. Bless her heart, she tried.

Who should CNN hire instead? Someone like Shannon Watts, who is notorious for bad-faith arguments and heavily manipulated — if not outright fabricated — data? Hard pass. We’ll take Stephen Gutowski any day of the week. And any CNN viewers who are genuinely interested in well-rounded discussions about guns will, too.



If we didn’t know any better, we might think Shannon Watts was disappointed more people weren’t murdered in Greenwood mall shooting


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