Progressive nutjob and aspiring U.S. Senator from Wisconsin Mandela Barnes is a real piece of work. But it’s important for voters to consider that he’s been a real piece of work for years now.

Like, at least since 2015 (but well before that, too). Check out this genuinely insane tweet he sent on New Year’s Day of that year:


Uh, yeah. Major YIKES.

Fawning over an Iranian leader hasn’t been an OK thing to do for decades, but when you consider what’s happening there now (state-sanctioned murder of Iranian women, for example), it’s an especially egregiously bad look.

Because he’s not sorry about it.

And if he does eventually delete it, it won’t be because he actually feels bad; it will be because someone who knows better than he does will urge him to flush it down the memory hole because the optics are terrible.

That’s also the case for another Barnes’ tweet, this one from way back in 2013:

There’s still time for you to go to Syria, Mandela.

Again, Barnes isn’t sorry for the tweets. He wasn’t sorry when he originally sent them, and he isn’t sorry now.

If there’s any justice, it will indeed prove to be politically disastrous for Mandela Barnes.

Anyway, for more on this, be sure to head over to the Washington Free Beacon:




NY Times framing of Wisconsin Johnson/Barnes Senate debate just REEKS of unbiased ‘journalism’


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