In my home state of Georgia, voters have a definitive choice between a slate of solid conservative Republicans and far-left Democrats. One of the tightest races is the one between Georgia Bulldog football great Herschel Walker and Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.)

Warnock, who is a pastor (at Martin Luther King, Jr.’s church, no less), doesn’t reflect his Christianity when it comes to abortion, and his attacks on Walker don’t demonstrate the Christian belief in redemption and forgiveness either. We’ve also recently learned that the church where Warnock serves as lead pastor is kicking out tenants from apartments it owns for not paying roughly $28 a month in rent.

When Warnock asks, “What would Jesus do?” he thinks the answer is baby-killing, slum-lording, and character assassination. Let’s also not forget that when he was a youth pastor in New York City, his church refused to hire “workfare” recipients and hosted Fidel Castro at an event.

But why should someone vote for Raphael Warnock? Even he doesn’t have a good answer.

On Monday, when early voting began in the Peach State, a reporter asked Warnock a pointed question.

“We’ve been talking to a lot of voters who say the economy is a top issue for them,” the reporter began. “Democrats have been in control of the White House of Congress for the past few years inflation has soared. Why should Georgia voters give you another chance?”

After a long pause, Warnock replied with a tone-deaf, apples-to-oranges answer. He didn’t lead with what most people would expect Democrats to lead with — things like “preserving our democracy” or “protecting a woman’s right to reproductive healthcare” or any of those crazy left-wing ideas.

Nope. He led with, “We are still in the throes of a pandemic that dragged on for more than two years.”

If Raphael Warnock thinks his best message is, “Vote for me and I’ll shut down your kids’ school, close your small business, and force you to wear masks and get a bunch of shots,” he deserves to lose.

Here’s hoping Georgia voters will do the right thing and vote for Herschel Walker.

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