Earlier today we told you about a CNN host setting the narrative about the “restrictive” voting law in Georgia all while the chyron on the screen reported a “record turnout” so far with mail-in ballots. That contradiction also doesn’t seem to matter to Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, who is fresh off flashing her financial adviser skills by letting people struggling with inflation know that they could save money by aborting their unborn babies.

Abrams has acknowledged that there has been record voter turnout so far in Georgia but she’s not willing to loosen the grip on a particular narrative that she might need use one more time:

“Yesterday we saw record turnout for early voting — yes, we should be excited. But let’s remember what that means. It does not mean that voter suppression does not exist. That’s like saying there are no more sharks in the water because more people get in.”

There should be a recording of that comment in the audio dictionary under the definition of “trying to have it both ways.”

Just imagine the other doozies Abrams is going to tell between now and election day.

That’s what Abrams is saving that “voter suppression” card for!



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