Quentin Hines, a former NFL running back, hosted a charity event at his former Michigan high school on Saturday that sparked outrage when he brought a barely-clothed stripper to dance in the middle of the gymnasium. Hines was banned from hosting future events at Mount Clemens High School following the incident.

He told WJBK, “I’ve rented the facilities at Mt. Clemens for 10 years about 100 times.”

Hines’ organization, Rivals Recruiting Worldwide, rented out the school’s gym and concession stand on Saturday to host a charity event called Peezy’s Sweetie’s Day Bash.

A flier advertising the event stated that it was initially supposed to be held at the Wisner Memorial Stadium in Pontiac but was moved to the high school instead.

The school did not sponsor the event, and students were not in attendance.

Hines faced backlash when footage from the event was uploaded to Facebook. The video showed a barely-clothed woman twerking and dancing suggestively against a shirtless man rapping.

When asked why a stripper was brought to the event, Hines told WJBK, “I don’t think she was a stripper. She was one of his dancers that was underdressed, and it’s unfortunate.”

“I did not know that someone would come that underdressed to dance with him,” he stated.

Superintendent Monique Beels noted that the school has never had any issues with Hines’ organization in the past.

“There have been no prior issues of inappropriateness when this organization rented from our district in the past,” said Beels. “There was no reason to believe the activities that took place at the event on October 15, 2022, would take place in our gym.”

Beels stated that she was “shocked, disappointed, and disgusted by the inappropriate events that took place.” She added that a full review of rentals and usage would take place.

“Our facilities were rented to Rivals Recruiting Worldwide in good faith and trust was broken. This type of behavior is not tolerated in our district,” Beels said. “This is not who we are. This is not what we value.”

Following the incident, State Superintendent Tricia Foster wrote a letter to Beels expressing “strong disapproval” regarding the event.

Foster asked that the district investigate “how such a large oversight or lapse in judgment was allowed to occur.” She also requested that the school take necessary action against the people responsible for the incident.

Hines apologized to the district but was nevertheless banned from hosting future events at the school.

“Rivals Recording Worldwide we are very sorry, but we are still going to be a platform for up-and-coming artists,” Hines said.

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