Is the Left-leaning media trying to hide the stunning news that Boston University and the Cleveland Clinic created a Frankenstein COVID virus with an 80% kill rate?

That is what an analysis from Ground News is telling us. Ground describes itself thusly:

Ground News is a platform that makes it easy to compare news sources, read between the lines of media bias and break free from algorithms.

Over the past decade, online news and ad-driven algorithms have made it profitable for news outlets to embrace a position on the bias spectrum to target specific consumers.

Bias in the media affects everything from what events receive coverage, to how a news outlet frames those events in their reporting.

As media outlets narrow their perspective and range of coverage, it’s become impossible to consult a single news story for a well-rounded view on important issues.

You can read about their approach to dealing with media bias.

I got an email from the company with interesting news about the coverage of the Frankenvirus story, and it reinforces what we already know: the MSM spins things in favor of a narrative where the medical establishment and the government public health figures are entirely the good guys, and they try to bury the news that these guys can be a menace.

A story you covered, the one about Boston Universities’ research in combining the omicron spike protein with the original virus and testing the strain on mice has started a massive conversation on Twitter. Interestingly, left-leaning media has almost entirely ignored this story. As of now, 89% of the coverage of the story is from right-leaning news sources. The only coverage from left-leaning news sources are articles that are reporting on the universities push back to the story.

Here’s how your story was covered by other outlets. You can head to our coverage analysis page to see exactly who covered your story and how they covered it.

The MSM will do everything it can to bolster the shattered credibility of the Establishment, no matter what they do. Burying the news that researchers have engineered a deadly virus would be beyond the pale for anybody with a conscience, but we already know that too many reporters sold their souls for a paycheck.

The White Coat Waste Project also weighed in on the utter irresponsibility of what these researchers have “accomplished.”

The virus was created using a very controversial method called “gain-of-function.” In these experiments scientists take relatively benign viruses and engineer them to become for infectious and deadly. Ostensibly this is done to give scientists insight into how to combat deadly viruses, but they do so by creating something far more deadly than nature had created.

Fauci has supported gain-of-function research in the past, including at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. He has denied this but the evidence is clear. The NIH even admitted this after Fauci testified falsely to Congress.  Senator Joni Ernst introduced legislation to ban the funding of such research in China. Rand Paul sponsored legislation that the Senate passed to ban funding the research in China.

I would just ban it outright. It is too dangerous.

Some call this kind of research science; I call it insanity.

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