With all the precious talk from the left about threats to “Our DemocracyTM”, it is worth taking in the observations of Hannah Arendt:

“If history teaches anything about the causes of revolution—and history does not teach much, but still teaches considerably more than social-science theories—it is that a disintegration of political systems precedes revolutions, that the telling symptom of disintegration is progressive erosion of governmental authority, and that this erosion is caused by the government’s inability to function properly, from which spring the citizens’ doubts about its legitimacy.”

Dusciss. I’ll start. There at at least two causes of the inability of a government to function properly. One is incompetence, a disease liberal policy has been exhibiting since at least the 1960s because the ambitions of liberalism exceed its ability to achieve in real life. The second are ideological attacks on our institutions and the Constitution. And just who does most of this?

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