Here’s another case of Democrat candidates (and President Joe Biden) choosing the wrong issues to focus on before the midterm elections. Even Biden’s infamous “Red Speech” warning the country of the danger of “extreme MAGA” hasn’t managed to move the needle on people viewing the GOP as a threat to democracy itself. We’ve actually gotten sick of hearing about how the upcoming election will be the deciding factor on which the nation will choose democracy or fascism. People on the Left actually have themselves convinced that if Republicans take the White House in 2024, there will never be another election.

Washington Post senior political reporter Aaron Blake seems to be in disbelief:

We like the emphasis around Democrats, as if independents are just flat-out wrong no matter what WaPo does to convince them otherwise.

Whoever put together that 10-minute video of Democrats saying the 2016 election was illegitimate deserves a pat on the back. Maybe a lot of people voted for Biden out of Russia fatigue and regret it now that inflation is out of control.


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