Today Biden announced that he’s releasing 15 million more barrels from the emergency strategic reserve in a blatant ploy to try and help Democrats in the run up to the election next month.

As he makes the announcement, he gets stumped on the word ‘petroleum’ in typical Biden fashion.


Biden acts like this is no big deal, putting the emergency supply and potentially the country in jeopardy over a release that isn’t going to do much to lower prices at the pump.

He claims we still have 400 million barrels of oil, which is just over half, as if that’s a plenty. But we had 568 million barrels of oil earlier this year before he began using the reserve to try and stem the high prices his anti-oil policies have created.

He also claims his administration hasn’t stopped or slowed oil production, but we all know that’s a big fat lie. Here are a few headlines telling the truth:

Furthermore, Biden claims his release of strategic oil reserves earlier this year are majorly responsible for the drop in prices at the pump. But the truth is that demand for oil and gas dropped over the summer and again more recently, and that’s caused the price of oil to go down. People aren’t filling up like they normally would because everything is so dang expensive.

Biden also claims that this new release of $15 million barrels isn’t politically motivated:

Says the man who lies about everything, including his involvement in Hunter’s nefarious business dealings.

When asked how he responds to Republicans who say this release is about the midterms, Biden had little to say:

And lastly, Biden attacks oil and gas companies like usual.

I bet Kevin McCarthy doesn’t think putting our country at risk by wasting our oil reserves like this is impeachable. But I guarantee you some Republicans do…

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