Earlier today, Joe Biden’s official Twitter account sent out this gem:


If you think that’s bad, just wait until he starts talking. That’s when things really get weird:

Oh yes. Thank God Joe Biden was in the White House so he could deplete the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Thank God he’s there now so he can deplete it even further:

But rest assured, Biden won’t even entertain the idea of replenishing it until the price gets down to $70 a barrel.

Not to worry! President Biden has a plan to get us there:

It’s easy! All we need to get us out of this is for oil companies to produce more oil!

Lord knows Joe Biden doesn’t ask for much. He just wants the oil companies to magically conjure up a bunch of oil in the face of restrictions that have severely kneecapped the oil industry. Restrictions that, by the way, Biden’s administration has had absolutely nothing to do with:

Oh reeeeeeally?

37 seems low, to be honest.

Fake news, as Biden’s predecessor would say.

What we’re dealing with, ladies and gentlemen, is a pathological liar.

Now can I interest you in buying this bridge?

Of course it was politically motivated. This entire thing has been politically motivated.

Well, for what it’s worth, we’re not remotely ashamed to say that our dislike of Joe Biden is entirely politically motivated. He and Democrats are running on empty, and we can’t wait to see them sputter out and burst into flames.



White House spin DOES NOT MATCH Saudi Arabia’s statement after Biden begs for more oil


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