Liz Truss has resigned as prime minister, with Boris Johnson expected to stand as a candidate to replace her.

Truss lasted just six weeks in No10 before she was forced out over her disastrous mini-budget.

Another Tory leadership contest will now take place, with a new leader set to be in power by October 28.

A YouGov poll of Conservative Party members found 63% think former PM Boris Johnson would be a good replacement.

Johnson reluctantly resigned as the country’s leader in July after a string of scandals, including Partygate.

Labour leader Keir Starmer demanded a general election “now” after Truss’ bombshell announcement.

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European leaders call for Britain’s next PM to bring stability to country

The leaders of France and Ireland are calling for Britain’s next PM to bring stability to the country.

Privately, some EU diplomats have aired a touch of schadenfreude about the political chaos in Britain, which exited the European Union in 2020 with lingering divorce frictions.

However, speaking to reporters just before an EU summit as news of Truss’ exit broke, leaders expressed sympathy.

France’s Emmanuel Macron said: “We want, above all else, stability.

“On a personal level, I am always sad to see a colleague go.”

Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin added: “Stability is important during these times when a major war is under way on the continent in Europe.”

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Theresa May calls for “sensible, competent government” after Truss’ resignation

Former PM Theresa May has called for “sensible, competent government” after Liz Truss’ resignation.

In what appeared to be a dig at the outgoing PM, Mrs May said: “The Prime Minister is right to provide a roadmap for an orderly transition.

“MPs must now be prepared to compromise. It is our duty to provide sensible, competent government at this critical moment for our country.”

James Cleverly rules himself out of leadership race

Foreign Seretary James Cleverly has ruled himself out as a replacement for the PM.

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Tory MP backs Boris Johnson’s return to No10 as he “ticks all the boxes”

Tory MP Brendan Clarke-Smith called for Boris Johnson to stand to become the next Tory leader.

Mr Clarke-Smith said he thought Mr Johnson would be “potentially” interested.

“We need someone who can come in, we need somebody who can bring people together, somebody who actually has got that mandate,” Mr Clarke-Smith said.

“So a mandate from people in the last general election, a mandate from party members and somebody actually who can get this party going again, get us winning elections again.

“The only person that I think that ticks all those boxes is Boris Johnson.”

Families of Covid victims oppose possible return of Boris Johnson

The families of Covid victims are “devastated” about the prospect of Boris Johnson returning to No10.

Lobby Akinnola, from Covid Bereaved Families for Justice, said: “It’s devastating for bereaved families to think that anyone in the Tory party is considering bringing Boris Johnson back as PM.

“This is the man who oversaw the deaths of 200,000 Brits to Covid-19 on his watch.

“The man who joked about ‘letting the bodies pile high’ while he refused to learn lessons from the first wave and let even more people die in the second.”

Liz Truss’ resignation speech was less than two minutes long

Liz Truss has given a notably short resignation speech outside No 10, reflecting the record-breaking brevity of her time as Prime Minister.

After only 44 days in office, the outgoing leader spent one minute and 30 seconds speaking at Downing Street under cloudy skies on Thursday afternoon – a considerably shorter time than her predecessors.

It was four times shorter than the penultimate prime minister Boris Johnson’s outgoing address on September 6, when he spent six minutes and nine seconds speaking at the same lectern.

The last female Prime Minister before Ms Truss, Theresa May, spoke for six minutes and 25 seconds as she left office in July 2019, while David Cameron spent seven minutes at the podium when he stood down in July 2016.

Liz Truss has become the shortest-serving PM ever (Getty Images)

Return of Boris Johnson is “wishful thinking”, Tory MP says

Tory MP Justin Tomlinson said it was “wishful thinking” to imagine that Boris Johnson could return as prime minister.

Mr Tomlinson, who described himself as someone who had strongly supported the former prime minister in the past, told Sky News: “I just think it’s too soon. I was there supporting him to the very end but he did lose the confidence of the majority of our colleagues.

“I thought that was wrong. But you have to respect that.

“I don’t think a sufficient enough time has probably passed for the party to then unite behind him and for me this now is about us, frankly, being grown up, being pragmatic and putting the country first.”

Joe Biden thanks Liz Truss just days after calling her mini-budget a “mistake”

Joe Biden has thanked Liz Truss for her “partnership” on a range of issues after her resignation.

The US President added that Britain and America are strong allies and enduring friends.

In a statement, he said: “US president Joe Biden said in a statement: “The United States and the United Kingdom are strong Allies and enduring friends – and that fact will never change.

“I thank Prime Minister Liz Truss for her partnership on a range of issues including holding Russia accountable for its war against Ukraine.

“We will continue our close cooperation with the U.K. government as we work together to meet the global challenges our nations face.”

It comes just days after Mr Biden said Ms Truss’ mini-budget of tax cuts was a “mistake”.

Rishi Sunak ‘certain to stand’ reports claim

Rishi Sunak is reportedly ‘certain to stand’ in the upcoming leadership contest.

Sunak was the favourite of his fellow MPs but lost out to Liz Truss when the members voted over the summer.

But now The Telegraph are reporting he is “certain to stand” as a number of Tory MPs throw their hats into the ring.

This includes ex-PM Boris Johnson who was booted from office just months ago.

Rishi Sunak lost his last run for office (REUTERS)

More details emerge over timetable for electing next Prime Minister

More details have emerged over the possible timetable for electing the country’s next Prime Minister.

Sky’s Beth Rigby has revealed some more possible details about the upcoming leadership contest.

The outlet reported that nominations would have to be in by Monday and the threshold for MP votes might be set at 50 votes.

Then, an accelerated final round might see Tory members vote online for the final two.

Prime ministers with shortest time in office (Press Association Images)

First Minister of Wales and Green Party join growing calls for general election

The First Minister of Wales and the Green Party have joined the growing chorus of voices demanding a general election.

Labour leader Keir Starmer came out quickly to demand a general election following Liz Truss’ resignation and end the “revolving door” of Tory chaos.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon echoed his claims and was followed by the Lib Dems, and now Green Party along with the First Minister for Wales, and Welsh Labour leader, Mark Drakeford.

First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford

UK now set for fifth Prime Minister in just over six years

Following Liz Truss’ chaotic end to her 44 days as Prime Minister, the country is now set for its fifth leader in just six years.

This is the fastest turnover in new occupants of 10 Downing Street for nearly a century.

Since the summer of 2016, the country has seen the last weeks of David Cameron’s premiership, the start and end of first Theresa May then Boris Johnson’s time as PM, and now the entirety of Liz Truss’ brief stint in the top job, with another prime minister due in place by the end of this month.

Liz Truss is the latest in a growing line of Tory PM’s in the last six years (REUTERS)

Russia mocks ‘catastrophic’ Liz Truss as world responds to PM’s resignation

Russia has openly mocked the “catastrophic” Liz Truss leadership as the world reacts to the shocking resignation.

The Tory leader resigned today after just 44 days in office, making a short statement outside 10 Downing Street.

But Russia’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said: “Britain has never known such a disgrace of a prime minister.”

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Boris Johnson reportedly set to run in Tory leadership contest

Disgraced former PM Boris Johnson is reportedly set to throw his hat back into the ring to be Tory leader once more.

Johnson is reportedly set to stand in the leadership contest.

The ex-PM is currently enjoying a long break in the Caribbean but now reports suggest he could be back.

The Times reported he is taking soundings but believes it to be a matter of national interest.

Boris Johnson delivering his own resignation speech – but there are now reports he might try and stand for Tory leader once more (REUTERS)

The Daily Telegraph, who Mr Johnson once described as his “real boss” and where he worked as a columnist, has reported that he is expected to stand as well.

Deputy Leader of the Lib Dems Daisy Cooper said: “The fact that Conservative MPs are even considering putting Boris Johnson back in Number 10 shows how out of touch they really are. They think there’s one rule for them and another for everyone else.

“Boris Johnson was forced to resign in disgrace after countless lies, scandals and failures. He shattered public trust in the government and plunged the UK into a political crisis. He must never be allowed near Downing Street again.
“The future of our country should be in the hands of voters, not the Conservative MPs who have caused all this chaos.”

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Who should take over from Liz Truss as PM? Have your say

As Liz Truss brings to a close a chaotic 44 days as PM, a number of Tory MPs are now jostling for position.

But no one has outwardly declared they are running yet, and rumours swirl as to who will.

Have your say in who you think should run next.

Lizz Truss resigned 26 hours after saying “I’m a fighter, not a quitter”

Liz Truss resigned just 26 hours after she declared “I’m a fighter, not a quitter”.

During a chaotic PMQs session as the outgoing PM clung on for her political life, Truss declared she would battle on in the face of growing pressure to go.

But just over a day later, she announced she was indeed quitting as PM.

Liz Truss quit a day after declaring she never would (Getty Images)

Ever-changing Tory leaders a “revolving door of chaos” Labour blasts

Labour leader Keir Starmer has blasted the ever-changing Tory leaders as a “revolving door of chaos”.

The leader of the opposition restated calls for a general election after Liz Truss announced her resignation.

He said: “The public are entitled to have their say” and branded the entire thing “a mess” that doing “huge damage” to the country.

Keir Starmer demands a general election now as Liz Truss resigns (PA)

Next Prime Minister to be chosen in just one week – what happens now?

The next Prime Minister is set to be chosen in just one week, meaning they’ll be in place for Halloween.

After a chaotic 44 days in office, Liz Truss stood down amid an ongoing cost of living crisis as her party turned against her.

The details are still being thrashed out as to the next steps but early indications suggest that Tory members will be involved in the lightning-fast process.

Liz Truss making her resignation statement (Getty Images)

1922 Committee chairman Sir Graham Brady said the plan is to “make the whole thing happen” with a ballot concluding by next Friday, October 28.

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Fiscal statement to still go ahead on October 31st with new Tory leader in place

The fiscal statement is still set to take place on Halloween, a treasury source confirmed.

There the government will set out how it intends to spend money over the coming years, and calm markets after a chaotic spell under Liz Truss.

After her first ‘mini budget’ threw the markets into turmoil, this statement was brought forward in an effort to reassure the market.

The vote for the next Tory leader is set to wrap up by October 28th, meaning a new leader will be in place by the Halloween fiscal statement.

Penny Mordaunt “taking soundings” as to whether she should run for Tory leader

Reports have claimed that Penny Mordaunt is “taking soundings” as to whether she should run for Tory leadership.

One of the party’s ‘big beasts’ she came close in the summer to getting into the final two candidates.

A source close to her is reported to have said: “Penny is taking soundings from colleagues as to whether she should stand”

Leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt (PA)

Exact date new Tory leader in place

The new Tory leader will be in place before October 31st.

Sir Graham Brady, in a statement, said the intention was to have members involved in the process but that it would be wrapped up in a week.

In a statement to reporters, he said the plan is to “make the whole thing happen” with a ballot and conclude by Friday 28 October.

Sir Graham Brady announced the date the next Tory leader would be in place (Getty Images)

That means new leader before fiscal statement which can take place on the 31st.

However, he refused to confirm there would definitely be two candidates brought to the membership.

He added: “The party rules say there will be two candidates unless there is only one candidate.”

SNP joins calls for immediate General Election among Tory “shambles”

The Scottish National Party have joined calls for an immediate General Election.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has slammed the ongoing political turmoil as “utter shambles” and called for the country to elect the next Prime Minister.

She branded an election a “democratic imperative” and said ordinary people were paying the price for Conservative action.

Liz Truss’ time office shorter than Tory leadership race that she won

Liz Truss’ time in office was ten days shorter than the Tory leadership race that saw her elected.

She battled it out with the likes of Penny Mordaunt and Rishi Sunak to win the vote of Tory members.

But whilst the contest lasted 54 days, her own reign as PM was only 44 days.

Truss spent more time fighting to be Prime Minister, than she spent being PM.

Michael Gove not to join race for Tory leadership

Sources close to Michael Gove have confirmed that he’s not running for the top job.

The senior Tory has been ruled out as the rest of the ‘big beasts’ jostle for position ahead of another chaotic week of British politics.

Gove proved a thorn in Liz Truss’ side during her short premiership, especially at the Tory Party conference.

Michael Gove is not set to run for Tory leader (AFP via Getty Images)

Truss will be the shortest serving PM in British history

Liz Truss will be the shortest serving prime minister in British history.

She has currently clocked up 44 full days in the role – a long way behind the next shortest premiership, that of Tory statesman George Canning, who spent 118 full days as PM in 1827 before dying in office from ill health.

Ms Truss was to have overtaken this number of days on January 3 2023.

But instead she will fall short by more than two months, with the next prime minister due to be elected within the next week.

Truss will be the shortest serving PM in British history (REUTERS)

Six-figure amount that Liz Truss can claim in expenses even after being ousted

Despite quitting just 44 days into the job, some might find it dumbfounding to hear Liz Truss will still be entitled to claim a six-figure allowance – even after being forced out by her own party, writes Patrick Daly.

While former PMs do not have to claim the money, they can effectively file for expenses when carrying out jobs or expenditure related to their once-held position of being the UK’s most powerful politician.

The allowance was introduced in 1991 following Margaret Thatcher’s resignation, designed to support the country’s leader of more than a decade after her party moved against her.

Read the full story here.

Liz Truss has become the shortest-serving British prime minister in history (AFP via Getty Images)

Pound recovery sparked after Truss resignation

The pound is rising after Liz Truss’ resignation this afternoon.

News that Truss was to make a statement outside No10 sparked a rally for sterling against the dollar.

It’s left the UK currency almost a cent up on the day at one stage at $1.13.

It stayed half a cent higher following confirmation the PM was to leave office.

Shortest-serving PM ever Liz Truss’s 90-second resignation statement in full

Liz Truss’s statement came just 44 days into office and brings to an end a week of chaos inside No10.

The PM made a short statement outside Downing Street to offer her resignation, with Labour now calling for a general election.

Read the full statement here.

Liz Truss announces her resignation outside No10 (REUTERS)

Jeremy Hunt won’t stand as PM

Jeremy Hunt won’t stand as PM in this leadership contest, it’s understood.

Mr Hunt has only been chancellor for a number of days after replacing Kwasi Kwarteng last week.

Liz Truss says she will stay in the post until her successor is elected.

Jeremy Hunt has ruled himself out of the next leadership race (PA)
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