The midterm elections are less than three weeks away, and President Biden has again raided the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve in a desperate attempt to temporarily bring down the price of gas (the SPR isn’t intended to be an emergency backup for a president with horrendous energy policies, but here we are).

Biden chief of staff Ron Klain continues to have an “any port in a storm” attitude when it comes to news that seems brag-worthy, and here’s today’s example:

A prediction from Gas Buddy sinks the “high gas prices” narrative?

First of all, as usual, that’s not anything to brag about (Klain just hopes everybody’s stupid):

The WH is now touting predictions as good news.

Nope, you can’t make it up and do not have to thanks to the gaslighters in the Biden White House.

At least “Putin’s gas price hike” is getting a break until they need to start using it again.

Shorter Biden White House:

The Biden White House might find out in just under three weeks that no, all is NOT well.



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