Entering the twisted minds of Leftists is unpleasant.

They are  dark and scary places, filled with spiders and cobwebs, unknown squishy stuff on the floor, and creaking noises of unknown origins. I really don’t recommend the experience unless you are a trained professional with years of experience.

Luckily, I am such a professional, so let me guide you.

I was wading the cesspool known as Twitter and came across this, in which Chris Hayes explains why President Biden simply must drain our oil reserves to win votes. Democracy is literally at stake so using up the Strategic Petroleum Reserves to lower gas prices is a must.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve was created to deal with genuine national emergencies, and has only been used 3 times prior to Joe Biden’s using it to save the Democrats’ bacon in the midterms.

Established after the Arab Oil Embargo triggered an energy crisis in the early 1970s, the SPR provides an emergency source of oil that protects the U.S. against a sudden supply crunch.

The reserve, which can reach as many as 714 million barrels, is stored in large, high-security underground salt caverns along the gulf coastlines of Louisiana and Texas. As of Oct. 7, the reserve stood at 408 million barrels or 57% of overall capacity, according to the Energy Information Administration.

President Trump tried to top off the SPR during the COVID slump, and would have been able to do so with oil purchased at rock bottom prices because the lockdowns caused a huge oil glut. The Democrats stopped him from doing so, calling it a “bailout” of domestic oil producers (nonsense, of course, but even if so, so what? We were bailing out everybody else and the Democrats were just fine with that).

Now Biden has been releasing oil from the reserves at a rate of a million barrels a day to lower gas prices. That may sound fine, but he is doing so in the midst of something less than a genuine energy crisis–and at a time when we can see an energy crisis barreling down on us in the near future. And he is doing that solely to save his bacon in the midterms.

The Reserves, by the way, are at their lowest level in nearly 40 years.

Chris Hayes and the Left are just fine with that, of course, because they fear a crisis far worse than Americans freezing in the dark with no gas in their cars:  Democrats could lose an election! That is not a threat merely to the comfort of the plebs and the prosperity of our economy; it is a threat to DEMOCRACY ITSELF!

You can’t spell “democracy” without “democrats,” right?

Uh, well, you can actually. Don’t need that “T.” Our democracy (Republic, really) would be better without that “T” right now.

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve isn’t supposed to be a political tool, but a vital component of our defense strategy. It is there to give us flexibility to act should oil supplies be cut off due to a crisis. It was used during the Gulf War, Katrina, and the disruptions after the fall of Libya.

Before the Biden administration, the U.S. released oil from the reserve under emergency conditions three times since it was founded in 1975.

Most recently, in 2011, then-President Barack Obama ordered the release of 30 million barrels alongside additional commitments from allies amid supply disruptions in Libya and elsewhere.

The U.S. released oil reserves in 2005 following the devastation of oil refineries wrought by Hurricane Katrina. Plus, in 1991, the U.S. released oil from the reserve at the beginning of the Gulf War in an effort to assuage concern over oil supply shock from the onset of the conflict.

Biden’s release over the past several months has been astronomical, and it has been for purely political reasons. His policies have artificially constrained the supply of oil; his foreign policy has alienated our former Gulf allies; and his regulations have constrained the refining industry to the extent that even when enough oil is available it can’t be refined quickly enough to drive down gas prices to the desired level.

Joe Biden created this mess. It was even intended to happen, but the timing is inconvenient. The climate agenda of the Democrats utterly depends upon driving up the price of energy to bring on the nirvana of a wholly renewable economy. That is why we keep on hearing that we should just buy electric cars. The problem for them is not high energy prices, but the timing of those high energy prices. They hoped that they would pay no political price for ruining our lives.

The Chris Hayes’ of the world are fully on board with this, but are scared to death that Americans are figuring out how much it is going to cost them. Rather than reversing course on their policies, they pursue alternatives that amount to temporarily covering up the damage they are causing to the rest of us. Failing to adequately hide the damage is a “crisis of democracy.”

I know it is hard to believe that anybody thinks like this. That is why entering their minds is so scary. As I said, leave that task to the trained professionals.

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