We’ll kick things off here with a reminder about a promise Joe Biden made on the campaign trail in 2019:

“I guarantee you we’re going to end fossil fuel.”

Fast forward three years and President Biden’s raiding the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve in a desperate attempt to artificially bring down gas prices and help reduce the midterm election pain for the Democrats.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who about a week ago claimed Republicans would “sabotage” the economy (Biden’s doing a pretty good job of that himself) if they gain control of the House and/or Senate, is now on the “we need low gas prices” bandwagon:

You know, we’re starting to think that “preserve democracy” is defined only as “Democrats retaining power.” By the way, just yesterday Biden claimed that his release of oil from the SPR wasn’t in any way a political decision. We’re going to go ahead and believe Hayes’ admission rather than entertain the extremely unlikely possibility that Biden was being truthful.

Hayes said that oil companies are keeping gas prices high to help the Republicans:

Biden, Hayes & all the “progressives” got exactly what they wanted, which is leftist policies that led to high energy prices to force a “green” transition, and now it’s a grave emergency because their DC power is threatened as a result of the backlash. As a result, they’re blaming oil companies because the price of gas isn’t cheap enough to give them a political boost. You can’t make this stuff up.

Just imagine the scale of the coming midterm election night meltdown.

Well, what was left of their minds anyway.

As always, that translates to “saving Democrats.”



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