Some climate activists who claim to be members of a Scientist Rebellion GLUED themselves to the floor of the Porsche pavilion at Volkswagen’s Autostadt while trying to bring attention to the CLIMATE CRISIS! We all know that climate cult people can be nutters, but this one is so hilarious you may think it is a parody. It is not, we did double check sources and it really happened. The fact they glued themselves to the floor was amusing, but they went on to complain that they were not given proper heat, food, or a bowl to use the bathroom in. Apparently, they did not plan for crap. *wink*

We literally snorted at least 10 times reading the comments from Twitter and fair warning. You will too.

We promise they are serious, which in our opinion makes it even more hilarious.

The rhyming at the end made that one A++. LOL

Real indeed. They are climate science rebels, not planners! Come on guys, you expect your scientists to be smart? What is wrong with you? Maybe climate people’s brains only work at 100% capacity when near windmill farms or something? We can not expect them to think of minor things like … how to use the bathroom or eat or sleep! You guys are really holding the bar high if you expected them to PLAN before gluing themselves to the floor.

He’s right. Maybe Volkswagon is doing exactly what the Science Rebels are hoping for, turning off the heat and all of that is helping the environment and therefore the protest was successful.

Let this be a lesson for all future protestors, don’t let your protest go to crap – plan for using the bathroom!

Editor’s Note:

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