Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa finally broke his silence Wednesday after he suffered a concussion in the team’s 27-15 loss against the Bengals on September 29.

The NFL star QB told reporters that he remembered everything up until the moment he was tackled on the field against the Cincinnati team. He was off the field in a stretcher with a head and neck injury, according to Sports Illustrated.

“I wouldn’t say it was scary for me at the time,” Tagovailoa told reporters. “There was a point where I was unconscious, so I couldn’t really tell what was going on. When I did come to and kinda realize what was going on, what was happening, I didn’t think of anything long-term or short-term. I was just wondering what happened.”


When pressed by one reporter if he “remembered much about that night,” the Dolphins player admitted there’s a gap in his memory after being hit.

“I remember the entire night up to the point where I got tackled,” Tagovailoa added. “But … after I got tackled, I don’t remember much from there. Getting carted off, I don’t remember that. But I do remember things that were going on when I was in the ambulance and then when I arrived at the hospital.”

In video that surfaced from the Miami-Cincinnati game, defensive tackle Josh Tupou can be seen sacking Tagovailoa, leaving him lying on the ground. As the QB was lying on the field for a while, his hands appeared to be twisted, something called a fencing reflex, Mediate noted. He was taken to a hospital and and cleared to fly home later with the team.


Four days earlier, he was playing against the Buffalo Bills, where he was tackled to the ground. At the time, he appeared to suffer a head injury. He stood up and tried to shake it off, but wobbled, as The Daily Wire previously reported.

The star QB was then cleared by the league’s concussion protocol at halftime and finished the game. Later, he admitted he suffered a back injury.

Tagovailoa has once again been cleared by NFL concussion protocols and is expected to lead the Dolphins against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, ESPN noted.

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