Dean Obeidallah seems worried about the midterms … HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Ok, so Dean is babbling about Nazis, 1933 Germany, and Hitler again. You’d think someone this obsessed with fascism would figure out they need more therapy and less Twitter but here we are. And from what we can tell, Dean is really worried about the upcoming midterms because he’s REALLY REALLY doubling down on the Nazi rhetoric.

If this seems similar, there’s a reason. We’ll get to that shortly.


We have yet to see a real, logical, legit explanation for what exactly about the Republican’s agenda reads anything like Nazi Germany. That being said, these turnips have been playing the Nazi, Hitler, and Fascist card for years … even using pretty much the same damn tweet.

You’d think by now Dean would have a new schtick but then again, his supporters and followers are as dumb as or even dumber than he is so we suppose he doesn’t have to worry about it.




‘Nuff said.



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