CNN did a segment today on Trump Force One being back in service, saying it’s been updated and repaired since they last reported on it a year ago.

The big question they speculate on is what it means, politically speaking:

Of course we all know it means that Trump is probably going to be making announcement some time after the midterms or early next year about running for president in 2024. And CNN couldn’t be more happy about this. They want him to run for the ratings he brings but I doubt want him to win, at least politically speaking. Although him winning would also be good for ratings, so they should really support his candidacy. Heh.

In related news, Biden claims he’s going to eliminate assault weapons again in a ploy to get more votes for Democrats in the midterms:

How can you eliminate something twice? If he eliminated them before, then they would still be eliminated. Old Joe doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

He also apparently doesn’t know where he’s going. This happened today:

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