Dick Van Dyke will always be Rob Petrie to me. In the TV Guide of my childhood, The Dick Van Dyke Show was a regular viewing favorite. He was funny and Van Dyke never shied away from doing physical comedy. Dick Van Dyke is 96 years old now and still going strong.

Van Dyke was spotted at the Malibu Community Labor Exchange handing out money to homeless people looking for work. He was handing out $5 bills.

This is a feel-good story on a couple of different levels. Yes, I know Van Dyke is a dyed in the wool liberal but we can move past that and focus on what he is doing. Apparently he has a history of visiting this place and supports its mission to find employment for the unemployed. If you watch the video on the Daily Mail site, you’ll hear Van Dyke say he comes every time he has some $5 bills. Van Dyke is sitting in his car and then he drives off after speaking with a reporter. He’s 96 years old and still driving. That alone is enough to make me shake my head and smile. I don’t think I want most 96 year olds driving around but he looks ok.

Dick Van Dyke sounds good and seems to still have cognitive abilities in tact. He sure seems a lot more cognizant than the current president who is 79 years old. Joe Biden needs help figuring out how to exit a stage, for heaven’s sake.

One of the center’s employees called Van Dyke an “angel from God.”

The 96-year-old actor returned to his favorite nonprofit organization, Malibu Community Labor Exchange, on Thursday morning, which helps match employers and those looking for work.

The legendary Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang actor handed out $5 bills and took the time to chat with several workers and spread joy to homeless people nearby.

‘Whenever I have some fives I come by,’ Dick said. ‘You can’t do it all the time, though!’

An employee at the center then chimed in, ‘Just call him angel from God,’ which the humble veteran batted away with his trademark modesty before waving goodbye.

The staff say Van Dyke first started coming to the center during the height of the pandemic in May 2021. It’s reported that after leaving the center, Van Dyke went on to make a stop at a pharmacy. He keeps busy which probably plays a big role in his general well-being. He encourages other “old guys” to do the same.

The Malibu Community Labor Exchange has been helping people find work since 1990. As of 2010, the organization had helped register 5,000 workers and helped many more find jobs, according to its website. While Dick seemed happy to get to give money in person, the organization also accepts donations through its website.

Other than donating, the Emmy-winning actor has stayed active and he’s clearly making the most of his time. He was stopped by fans while out grocery shopping in June, and he told them that he was “just glad to still be here,” according to Page Six. A year prior, Dick showed off some of his dance moves and encouraged other elderly stars to keep on moving. “All you old guys out there, listen to me, I’m telling you. You can keep going for — I’m still dancing — and singing!” he said in an interview on CBS This Morning. Speaking of dancing, the Hollywood legend showed off his dance moves in an appearance in his wife Arlene Silver’s music video for her romantic song “Everybody Loves A Lover” in February.

It’s good to see a legendary Hollywood figure doing so well at such a seasoned age.

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