Joe just can’t seem to find his way off stage.

While campaigning for Democrat John Fetterman in Pittsburgh on Thursday, President Biden once again found it difficult to find an exit from the stage, spinning around a few times before getting his bearings.

From The New York Post:

After finishing his speech, Biden initially turned to his right, stopping in his tracks and raising his hands while speaking to his team.

After turning to his right, he turned the other way, ultimately making a complete 180-degree turn to his left to find the exit.

He then pointed at the exit and appeared to mumble to himself, before awkwardly hustling off stage.

Biden had also appeared confused when quizzed by reporters during an unexpected stop at a sandwich shop just outside Pittsburgh.

Asked why “more candidates don’t want to be seen in public” with him, Biden slowly walked up close to the person asking the question with a confused look on his face.

After mumbling, he finally asked, “What are you talking about?” — with his answer to a follow-up question hard to decipher.

Watch Joe get the spins above.

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