Kamala kame to town yesterday to shore up support for sagging DFL candidates. In Minnesota, abortion remains a right protected by our state constitution. In case you hadn’t heard, however, Democrats believe in abortion. It is something of a positive good.

Kamala came to town to talk up abortion. What else? The White House has posted the transcript of Kamala’s konversation at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul under the heading Remarks by Vice President Harris in a Conversation on Reproductive Rights.

There must be good news behind Kamala’s visit. I take it from Kamala’s konjuring of the abortion theme in the Twin Cities that the DFL candidates believe they need help to whip up their partisans. The Biden administration is not hugely popular among independents in Minnesota.

No sentient voter can have missed the chips DFL candidates have placed on the promotion of abortion in this election. They have moved all their chips on it to the middle of the table. Unsurprisingly, Kamala focused on it during her appearance yesterday. As the Star Tribune headline puts it on the story featured on its homepage: “Vice President Kamala Harris issues call to action on abortion during Minnesota visit.”

As I write this morning, these are the five most-read stories on the Star Tribune site. I should like to think it’s a komedown.

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