For weeks, Democrat candidates nationwide have been dodging specific questions about what restrictions, if any, they’d support for abortion.

For example, both Democratic Arizona gubernatorial nominee Katie Hobbs and Georgia gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams outright refused to specify any restrictions they might support for abortion.

On Tuesday, New York Governor Kathy Hochul similarly refused to answer a direct question on abortion restrictions.

“Is there any restrictions around abortion that you would approve of?” the debate moderator asked.

“What we have in New York State is simply a codification of Roe v. Wade,” Hochul began. “So what has been out there since the Supreme Court—before the Supreme Court undid 50 years of progress for women—so women like myself and my daughter would have a right, my granddaughter does not have the same rights that I had to make a determination in concert with myself or my doctor if it’s after the sixth month. So we have the same restrictions, and anyone who says otherwise is just incorrect.”

Pointing to Roe v. Wade is a cop-out response meant to avoid stating a preference for any restriction. Hochul, like every other Democrat, is refusing to own her abortion radicalism by hiding behind talking points. The fact is that Democrats are owned by the abortion lobby and have embraced unrestricted access to abortion at any point up to birth—a position so radical that it’s too extreme for progressive Europe and for mainstream Americans. So, they hide behind euphemisms like “choice” and “reproductive rights” and conceal their extreme views until after they’re elected.

And Rep. Zeldin called Hochul out for her dodge.

“A fundamentally disingenuous answer just now from my opponent,” he observed. “First off, you asked this specific question whether or not my opponent supports any restriction at all on abortion. Of course she doesn’t answer it. That’s not a coincidence and she didn’t forget.”

According to Gallup, only 29% of Americans think abortion should always be legal, while 20% are against it completely, and 50% think there should be limits on it. That’s why Kathy Hochul refused to answer the question. She can’t express her true abortion position without alienating mainstream voters.

This makes Democrats in Washington who support abortion without any limits stand out. Their attempts to make the 2022 midterm elections about abortion only brought this to people’s attention, and several Democrats in close races, now including Kathy Hochul, have refused to say what they think about abortion restrictions because they know they are not in the mainstream.

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