During Monday night’s special Hannity town hall event featuring Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, the gov hopeful continued to shred her Democratic opponent, Katie Hobbs, for wanting to turn Arizona into a liberal bastion like California and for consistently refusing to debate. Lake also talked about abortion and border security.

Lake torched Hobbs’ plan for border security.

“Her plan is to let Joe Biden handle it. Joe Biden is the reason we’ve gotten into this mess,” Lake said, adding both Hobbs and Biden mirror California Gov. Gavin Newsom in that realm, among others.

“She’s an open-borders globalist, let’s face it,” Lake added of her opponent. “She wants to take what Newsom has done for California, which is destroy that state, and do the same thing here in Arizona. And that’s why I think we have a movement, because people know if we elect someone like Katie Hobbs, we’re going to turn into California 2.0 and nobody wants that.”

Lake mentioned that it’s actually former Californians who are most anxious about a Hobbs administration.

“[They’ve] grabbed me at these events and go, ‘Don’t let Arizona go. We uprooted our children, we uprooted our business, we moved our home — we are here. We don’t want Arizona to turn into California.’”

Lake also discussed her position on abortion in contrast to Hobbs’ position.

“I want to help as many women as possible. They go into Planned Parenthood. They’re given one choice, and that is the worst choice. Let’s give women options so that they can choose life,” she said.

“They can find a family that wants to adopt their baby. And then I would say to the press, and you should pin down Katie Hobbs on where she stands because she’s for abortion up until the moment the baby is born and then after.”

Lake is currently up in the polls but, as she discussed with Sean Hannity, will continue to fight as if she’s behind.

Watch the clip above.

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