GOP Texas Rep. Brian Babin is very concerned about the state of American leadership on almost every major issue. 

“I think America is suffering from an acute lack of wise leadership like no other time in US history,” Rep. Babin said on the John Solomon Reports podcast. “Not only on the border, but every other issue as well: the economy, inflation, the crime wave, the vaccine mandates, the workforce shortages, nuclear war it’s just so unbelievable.”

One of the concerns Babin stated was that America doesn’t have a safety valve for oil anymore since the Biden administration removed hundreds of millions of barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. 

“The economy is tanking, and to remove 195 million barrels from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which is there for the purpose of national security emergencies and crises this is not a national security crisis,” Babin said regarding President Biden’s decision to draw down so much oil from the SPR. “This is a political crisis for the Democratic Party.”

“That is the reason they’re trying to remove these millions of barrels of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve, to try to artificially lower the price of gasoline right before the election,” Babin continued. “It’s so transparent and I’m hoping so much that the American people will see right through this for what it is.”

Rep. Babin went on to criticize Biden’s handling of the economy and inflation. 

“Our savings are down by 83%. Wages are down. Seventy-eight percent of Americans now describe the economy as poor,” Babin said. “And yet, Joe Biden, as he slurped on an ice cream cone in his fantasy world, has said that our economy is ‘strong as hell.’ It’s ridiculous. It is absolutely ridiculous to hear these types of things.”

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