Co-host of the left-wing “The Young Turks” show, Cenk Uygur, has noted that parts of Los Angeles are turning into total crapholes (Gov. Gavin Newsom even admitted that parts of the city resemble a third-world countries). Uygur would like some answers as to how that happened:

The answer is really quite simple for anybody willing to see it:

About all we can say is “be careful what you ask for.”

Unfortunately at that point some of the lefties who are able to escape the consequences of their own voting move elsewhere and then vote for the same madness.

As for the police issue, maybe hand lefties complaining about a lack of police response a mirror:

You can’t make this stuff up.



*POPCORN*! Cenk Uygur admits Democrats are going to lose the midterms and LOL just stick it DIRECTLY in our veins

OMG-LOL! Cenk Uygur lecturing ‘people’ who came up with #DefundThePolice could well be the most SPECTACULAR self-own EVER (screenshot)


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