We’re not trying to be too hard on The Daily Beast’s Matt Lewis here. As he says, he wouldn’t vote for John Fetterman for philosophical reasons. But, his “contrarian take” is exactly what this editor watched form in real-time as the debate between Pennsylvania Senate candidates Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz unfolded. As Twitchy reported, Fetterman absolutely froze up twice during the one-hour debate: once when asked where he differs with President Joe Biden on policy, and again when asked about his flip-flop on fracking, which he opposed back in 2018 and now claims to have always been for it. Those lingering silences were painful, and they had nothing to do with the closed-captioning.

Lewis is saying that voters might lean a little bit more toward Fetterman after the debate, seeing Oz as a “bully” who is taking advantage of a tragedy. We’d argue that it’s Fetterman’s wife, Gisele, who’s taking advantage of a tragedy.

As this editor said Tuesday night, they’re actually trying to spin this as a sympathy vote for the disabled Fetterman.

True. And if you look at the Fetterman supporters, they’re simultaneously claiming that Fetterman is the man they need to fight for the little people. They like him because he’s … a bully.

Oz was pretty much a perfect gentleman during the debate. As people have mentioned, his campaign agreed to all of the concessions requested by the Fetterman campaign, such as the closed captioning. Oz was a “bully” because the whole thing was a set-up.



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