If you are planning to catch a rerun of the Lee Zeldin-Kathy Hochul debate I have a suggestion: take a shot every time Hochul says “Trump,” “abortion,” or “denier.” You’ll be hammered before the hour is up.

FACT-O-RAMA! Abortion, Trump, and January 6 are all that the Democrats have to run on and it’s flopping gloriously.

Both debate moderators were from left-wing news outlets, and it showed. Hochul declined to answer several questions, and the mods let that slip by until Zeldin called them out for it.

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

The mods asked if it is too early to draw conclusions about the effects of cashless bail as Hochul has long contended. This came up more than once.

Zeldin stated that the people want cashless bail to end, and so it should end. Hochul ranted about how you can keep people scared or keep them safe. I’m not sure what that means. At one point Hochul said that the crime recidivism rate is “only” 20%. That’s kinda-sorta but not really true.


CRIME-O-RAMA! The recidivism rate is roughly 20% for certain crimes, but what Hochul didn’t mention is that is about three times higher than it was in 2017. The rates for burglary and auto theft are at about 27%. This woman has been arrested more than 100 times for shoplifting and is still free.

As Hochul kept bringing up guns, especially those big, scary AR-15s, Zeldin wisely reminded her that criminals are using hammers, knives, and anything else they can find to assault people, including pushing people in front of speeding subway trains. Hochul kept whining about guns, guns guns, as though that’s the biggest problem in New York state. And again, those AR-15S!!!


WEAPONS-O-RAMA! In 2019, 215 people were murdered by all types of rifles combined, and 438 people, more than twice as many, were killed by blunt objects. A whopping 651 people were beaten to death by fists and feet. That’s well over three times the number of people killed by rifles. AR-15s are not the problem, yet that is what Hochul remains focused on.

The idea to remove New York City’s commie district attorney, Alvin Bragg, came up. Hochul, who claims it’s not easy to do as Bragg was elected, said Zeldin would be guilty of “election denying” if he tried to have Bragg fired. Zeldin asked Hochul why a bodega worker went to jail for defending himself but the woman who stabbed the worker was never charged. She didn’t answer that question.

Hochul brought up the 2020 election so many times that Zeldin exclaimed, “All she can talk about is the last election. I want to keep people safe.”

Hochul claims she has taken guns away from repeat offenders.


Meet Camrin Williams.

Williams is a gangbanger and “rapper” from the Bronx. He was arrested with a handgun at 14 years old. Then he shot a cop at 16 and was promptly released. He was arrested again at 17 years old. Hochul did not keep him in jail. He is not the only perp to walk.

More Lies

Hochul claimed she reduced taxes for farmers. True, she did–for one year.

Hochul said she fixed the Long Island Expressway (LIE). Zeldin reminded her that the highway repairs were paid for by the 2015 Fast Act, which Zeldin voted for long before Hochul was governor of New York.

When asked if Hochul supported any restrictions on abortion, she completely dodged the question. Zeldin noticed and said her lack of an answer wasn’t a coincidence and that she didn’t forget about it.

Hochul said Zeldin would end abortion if he wins. He said he wouldn’t and couldn’t if he wanted to. Hochul claimed that the “governor has a lot of power” to do so, even though she had just said Zeldin doesn’t have the power to fire Alvin Bragg if he wins. Hmmmm…

The biggest gut-laugh lie of the night might have been when Hochul said that “everyone who commits a crime gets arrested.”


Obviously, this isn’t true. Also, most criminals in New York don’t even stay in jail. Cashless bail allows them to skate.

Hochul gets four Pinocchios for her lies about her no-bid contract skullduggery. She claims it never happened. Roll the tape.


Hochul pledged $850 million of New York taxpayers’ money to one of her mega-donors to build a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills.

When asked why Hochul would spend mad (taxpayer) stacks on a stadium for such a small market, she claimed that if the Buffalo Bills were to leave, western New York would be devastated. The mod then kindly reminded Hochul that the Bills have never threatened to leave Buffalo. Hochul doubled down and claimed she spoke with out-of-staters who wanted to buy the team but didn’t mention who those people were.

Guess what Hochul somehow forgot to mention….

STINK-O-RAMA! Hochul’s husband owns the company that sells concessions at the Buffalo Bills stadium.

Hochul also overpaid another donor for COVID tests. She then hired the donor’s son to work on her campaign.

Hochul said she wants New York to legalize and sell pot. She claims that there were “mass incarcerations” over the devil’s lettuce.


Perhaps when Kamala Harris was locking people up in California, but the truth is there are no people in federal prison for doobie possession. Most of those doing time for possessing left-handed cigarettes were arrested because they were selling them and pleaded down to possession. Also, roughly 160,000 people had their pot convictions vacated in 2019. So no, Karen Kathy, people in New York aren’t doing hard time for puffing a little jazz cabbage.

Hochul claimed the tide of illegal immigrants had been stemmed, but that might have been reversed. Huh?


In reality, Trump quelled the number of illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. More people have snuck in walked over the southern border illegally since Biden got into office.

The commie moderator claimed dozens of courts have found no evidence of 2020 election fraud. That is a lie. A big one.


Trump won two-thirds of the cases where the court actually heard the case.

Hochul bragged that life in New York is great. When Zeldin asked her why New York leads the country in the number of people moving to other states, she refused to answer.

Hochul claimed she didn’t investigate the COVID nursing home SNAFU where up to 15,000 elderly people died because it had already been investigated two or three times.


The DOJ decided not to look into the mass killing, perpetuated by the order of then-governor Andrew Cuomo.

Kathy Hochul said she was against concealed carry because she doesn’t want kids going to school with guns.


Teens in New York are not allowed to buy a handgun. They obviously can’t get a concealed carry permit for a gun they can’t own. Not to mention that schools are gun-free zones, which is yet another reason a student, were he or she somehow 21 years old, can’t legally carry a concealed handgun in school.

What Have We Learned?

Kathy Hochul is a liar-head. You could smell her pants on fire through the TV if you weren’t distracted by her running, sweaty makeup. We could set her up to a lie detector test and use the energy to light up New York City.

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Zeldin for the win.

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