Call us crazy, but does it seem like every time Biden and the Democrats do things they say will “bring down costs” those costs only get worse? Today brought with it more “help” from the president:

Maybe an “Inflation Reduction Act” would help bring down inflation! Oh wait, they already did that and inflation only got worse.

We’re already feeling the effects of Biden’s “plans” so no thanks to more of those.

There was more of the “hostage video” optic that’s somehow supposed to instill confidence in the American public along with the “WTF” moments:

The president said he’s going to crack down on “junk fees”:

Biden of course diagnosed who is “hardest hit” by airlines’ fees for extra legroom and pledged to get rid of them:

Is there no issue that the Biden White House can’t play their racial games with?


Fact check: Yes, real quote:



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