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America is at a crossroads. While voters have plenty of reasons to steer this nation clear of the destructive policies of Democrats, there are those in the GOP wing of the Uniparty Swamp who are equally divisive and dangerous. RINOs and their “bootlicking” sycophants always make two demands. First, they say we need to vote for the letter “R” no matter what. But then they come out AGAINST America-First patriots even during general election season.

Former Senate candidate Kathy Barnette, who was endorsed by gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano during the Pennsylvania primary and has endorsed him in his race, has accused RINO bootlickers of playing both sides. It’s time to stop listening to them, as she and I discussed on today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show.

The interview was enthralling as Barnette does not hold back on punches. Both of us went toe-to-toe with people like Sean Hannity, Ric Grenell, and Greg Kelly who all put tremendous efforts into disparaging Barnette ahead of the GOP primary. They backed Dr. Mehmet Oz. Patriots like Jack Posobiec and Todd Starnes fought the Oz-backers as well.

Some have speculated that several official and unofficial advisors, including Hannity, pressed Donald Trump to back his “old friend” and would have suffered major embarrassment if Dr. Oz was unable to win his primary, let alone the general election.

Shockingly, most precious metals companies who sponsor “conservative” news outlets are donating to Democrats and/or working with proxies of the CCP. We have found three companies that do not. You can find all three on our precious metals page.

While we discussed her book, Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain: Being Black and Conservative in America, and some of her other current and future activities, the conversation continuously gravitated back to the problem with “bootlickers.” The members and minions of the Republican Establishment wing of the Uniparty Swamp pose as much of a threat to this nation as Democrats. In some ways, they’re even worse because at least with Democrats we know to oppose all of their moves. With the GOPe, they are sometimes allies on a handful of issues but oftentimes they’re our enemies.

Gun control, for example, could never have been passed without Mitch McConnell and his ten RINO Senators who voted against the Constitution and against America.

One of the biggest threats we face ahead of the election in Pennsylvania is Karl Rove and his Super PAC working on behalf of Democrat Josh Shapiro. They disguise their efforts to take down “extreme” Mastriano by running ads against John Fetterman, but the message is crystal clear. According to Rove and company, the massive failure of Soros-backed Shapiro as Attorney General should be overlooked because he’s “not as extreme” as Fetterman.

Yesterday’s debate with Dr. Mehmet Oz should seal Fetterman’s fate, so one would think Rove and his RINO cronies would pull their ads. Nope. They’re doubling down because Fetterman was never really the target. They want Mastriano to lose. Even if we dismiss the fact that Mastriano is an unambiguous America First patriot who has served this nation and the state of Pennsylvania proudly for over three decades, we should still put everything we have behind him because it will go against the Uniparty Swamp’s desires.

Few things would make me happier after the midterm election than to imagine Karl Rove fuming about how the NeoCon wing of the Republican Party is losing steam.

Here’s the interview with Barnette:

We Often Feel Like David Taking on Giants

Today’s Goliath is the Mainstream Media Industrial Complex that brainwashes the masses.

Our mission is very straightforward: To counter the false narratives and nefarious agendas destroying America today. It isn’t easy for obvious reasons; despite incredible growth over the last year we are still a very tiny fish in a huge media pond. But we’re fighting and we will continue to do so, Lord willing, for as long as we possibly can. The battle for America’s present and future is too important for us to back down to the giants that stand in our way.

We need help. I don’t want to say “desperately,” but the need is definitely great. If you have the means, please donate through our GivingFuel page, PayPal, or our Substack page. Your generosity is what keeps these sites running and allows us to get the truth to the masses. We’ve had great success in growing but we know we can do more with your assistance.

Thank you, and God Bless!

JD Rucker

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