It was announced on Wednesday during The Daily Wire’s “Backstage” program that Dr. Jordan Peterson’s limited series special “Marriage” began tonight on DailyWire+.

The holistic three-part series prepares married couples to better understand, appreciate, and strengthen their union and achieve the ultimate goal: the perfect date that repeats endlessly.

Peterson uses decades of clinical experience to explain why people should divide their lives into thirds — marriage, family, and career. On the marriage front, Peterson explains how spouses could have the best intimate life possibly imagined.

“Half of the dialogue that you hear between people — especially if they’re single — is related to their desire to have a partner,” Peterson said. “And, of course, half the dialogue you hear from people who are in a relationship is how to deal with problems in their relationship. But it’s a very rare person who doesn’t need and want an intimate relationship.”

In the first part of the series, titled “The Promise,” Peterson covers why monogamous marriages are rationally, intellectually, and spiritually better than the short-term hedonistic pleasure of the single life, which produces nothing but chaotic disaster, anxiety, misery, and a decrement in overall happiness.

Peterson says the institution of marriage is as necessary as all other social institutions, adding that it comes with a significant burden and responsibility, as well as a great opportunity.

“And if you do that properly within the confines of a marriage, then you have someone to weave together the rope of the narrative of your life, and you have someone to bounce yourself off, and you have someone to improve yourself in relationship with,” he said.

And contrary to the secular world objecting to young married couples raising children, Peterson disproves such ideologies and draws out how to create the perfect platform for starting a family.

“Children — they reward you like mad,” Peterson said. “They’re so much fun to be around. Why would you do anything else?”

Peterson also explains how to have the best intimate life in a marriage consistently. From establishing weekly discussions about domestic matters to dating your spouse and exploring each other’s erotic fantasies.

And, of course, dancing with one another.

“A lot of that can be done with dancing,” he said. “And if you have to learn to dance awkwardly, well, get better at it. You will if you practice.”

The Promise” is now available on DailyWire+.

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