When he appeared on “The View” earlier this week, GOP Sen. Ted Cruz reminded Whoopi Goldberg that left-wingers do, in fact, have a record of getting violent when Republicans win. Just look at Antifa:

Little did Cruz know at the time (though maybe he should’ve guessed) that Newsweek’s crackerjack fact-checking team would zero in on that comment and set out to expose him as a lying liar who lies:

While many businesses were damaged or destroyed as a result of arson, Cruz’s characterization that “cities” burned for a year is significantly stretching the truth, even if taken figuratively.

The senator’s labeling of the events as Antifa riots is misleading too. Notwithstanding that Antifa is not a formalized group or association, Black Lives Matter was largely recognized as having galvanized protestors across the world following Floyd’s death.

In short, Cruz appears to have grossly mischaracterized both the nature, scope and length of time these protests took. While Cruz may have been referring to protests in Portland which continued for almost a year, it is inaccurate to describe or imply that these happened across the country with each beset by arson.

Cruz has frequently misconstrued Antifa as a “terrorist organization” and described George Floyd protestors as “behaving like bigots.”

Newsweek has contacted Ted Cruz for comment.

The only comment Newsweek deserves from Ted Cruz is a giant foam middle finger.

Seriously, what the hell even is this “fact-check”?

Our legacy media, ladies and gentlemen.

Funny … that didn’t seem to be an issue for Newsweek when covering Antifa in the past:

Annnnnnd scene.

Who fact-checks the fact-checkers? Because they really need to be fact-checked. Hard.

That’s a pretty accurate description of what fact-checking has become, yes.


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