Alabama Crimson Tide Coach Nick Saban is still getting heat for his controversial decision to allow wide receiver Jermaine Burton to continue playing without any repercussions after viral footage showed him smacking a female Tennessee fan on the field after Alabama’s recent loss to the Tennessee Titans.

Pat McAfee via The Pat McAfee Show YouTube

Former athlete and host of the “Pat McAfee Show,” Pat McAfee, recently spoke on Outkick personality Dan Dakich’s program to discuss Saban’s controversial decision, one which McAfee firmly disagrees with.

“I think, obviously, the video is completely contradictory to the fear,” said McAfee, in reference to Saban’s recent statement saying that Burton was fearful as excited Tennessee fans rushed the field. “He looked very comfortable the whole time.

“While the Knoxville, Tennessee, people are running, he was walking off the field,” McAfee continued. “I’ve been a part of a couple field storming at other people’s places. Louisville did it against us and there was a couple guys that almost got speared because they almost ran into a couple of my teammates. It’s never a good experience.”

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McAfee, a former NFL punter himself, stated his confusion as to why Burton received no punishment of any kind, especially as his actions in the video clearly show him going out of his way to smack the woman in the head.

Saban had said during a conference this week that he didn’t think it was “necessary to suspend the guy” and that Burton would instead start participating in a counseling program to learn how to “have the proper respect for other people.”

“But I don’t know how Saban doesn’t punish that guy,” said McAfee. “I don’t know how– just for the optics of it. Just for, you’re playing Mississippi State. You’re about to beat the hell out of him. Just as a message going forward. OK, I understand you’re a football player, they came onto your field… but you can’t just be openly slapping women.

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“It’s a terrible situation. I think they put all of college football in a bad spot by not punishing him. In my eyes, I don’t think Saban made the right play here. I think you have to at least do some sort of punishment. I’m happy to hear the girl’s OK but any time you put your hands on a woman I think it should be a message sent to everybody like ‘Hey, we can’t have that in our particular community, our society. It’s not good for football. It’s not good for our program. It’s certainly not good for you as a human to think we could do that.’

“I think there should’ve been some punishment and I have no idea how it goes moving forward.”

Do you agree or disagree with Nick Saban’s call not to punish Burton? Let us know in the comments below.

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