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Hold up my goings in thy paths, that my footsteps slip not. — Psalm 17:5

I have never been rock climbing, but I am fascinated when I watch people who do. I am amazed as they search for their next foothold, looking for a place that will allow them to find secure footing and continue their ascent. It’s a slow and methodical approach that helps them find their way to the pinnacle of their climb.

I’ll never forget the time I watched someone ascending a rock climbing wall. They were on their ascent and they lost their footing. When they lost their foundation, they slipped and fell back from the wall. While they were safe in their harness with the ropes, it was a reminder of the dangers that could have been were they not secured.

We often describe life spiritually as a mountain that we are climbing. There are many times we talk about the struggles and the challenges that we go through. The devil has so many things in life that would attempt to knock us from our path. They attempt to bring us down and tear us from our firm foundation. That seems to be the idea that David is describing here.

As he prayed, David asked that God would set his feet solid on a firm foundation so that he did not slip into the traps of this world. It can be so easy to lose our way in this world. Sin is all around us and the world is looking to destroy us.

Just like David, we should ask God that He help hold us on the right path so that we can resist the temptations and traps of this world. The devil would love nothing more than for us all to fall into the traps. Today, pray that God helps you to stay on the path and stand on the Rock!

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