Last night we told you that Chris Cuomo said that “voters saw things that will definitely change the state of this race” after watching the debate between Fetterman and Oz.

Well that prediction was right on the money for one independent who was interviewed by Cuomo after the debate, who said that he was switching from Fetterman to Oz:

The independent said that he didn’t feel Fetterman had command of the facts and that his health condition will affect his ability to do the job. On the contrary, he thought Dr. Oz presented himself well on the issues and that’s why he’s “totally” switching from Fetterman to Oz.

A registered Democrat, who said she was focused on abortion, was happy to hear that Oz said he would vote against a federal ban on abortion. She was also shocked by what she saw out of Fetterman, suggesting she’s not sure yet where she’s going to land on election day.

I think it says volumes that Fetterman’s performance shook her faith in him last night, because she’s clearly a hardcore Democrat.

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