Pennsylvania Democratic Senate hopeful John Fetterman is immensely proud of his C.V. And, quite frankly, we’re not sure why.

He’s boasted about his record as Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, and his tenure consisted largely of not showing up for stuff and doing absolutely nothing on the off chance he does show up.

And before he served in that office, he was, of course, the Mayor of Braddock. It was as Braddock Mayor that he became a Democratic star in the making, at least according to his cheerleaders in the MSM. But what, exactly, did he do as Mayor of Braddock?

Townhall’s Mia Cathell went to Braddock to find out. And what she learned only casts even more doubt not just on John Fetterman’s ability to serve, but also his credibility.

More from Cathell:

“You will not ride around and see a lot of Fetterman signs,” chuckled former Braddock Mayor Chardaé Jones, who succeeded Fetterman after he left his $150-a-month gig in the mayoral office to become Pennsylvania’s well-paid lieutenant governor. I asked why there’s seemingly a shortage of support for Fetterman in a sit-down video interview with Jones last week. To which, Jones said: “Fetterman lives in the community and we don’t actually see Fetterman.”

Braddock’s supposed rebirth is one of Fetterman’s go-to talking points he often sputters on the Senate campaign trail. When I asked Jones how her fellow Braddock residents feel about Fetterman invoking the borough’s purported revival under his 13-year reign, she said that while some of the neighborhood’s inhabitants appreciate the public exposure, others wish that the national attention could be channeled into much-needed resources for the struggling community.

It’s “a divide” among residents, Jones told Townhall, indicating that town folks are split on Fetterman touting his mayoral record as he’s gunning for higher office. “Some people feel like Fetterman used Braddock. Some people were like, ‘Oh, he put a spotlight on the community’…A spotlight is nice, but you got to do something once you have the spotlight.”

The entire piece is absolutely devastating. As is this video from Cathell:

This is Braddock Mayor John Fetterman’s legacy: Depression. Desolation. Despair.

Braddock deserved better than John Fetterman. For Pennsylvania’s sake, we hope the rest of the state thinks they deserve better than John Fetterman, too.


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