During the trial of Waukesha parade massacre suspect Darrell Brooks on Monday, Brooks, who is representing himself, called for all charges against him to be dropped due to a recall on the vehicle used in the parade attack.

“I believe that a Brady claim should be visited because there were in fact recalls on that vehicle. In fact, there were recalls on the Ford Escape models from 2008 through 2010 in regards to the throttle body malfunctioning and causing the vehicles to accelerate and not being able to be stopped,” said Brooks. 

“There is a class action lawsuit where Ford company were sued because of this, and those vehicles models from the year 2008 to 2010 were recalled and that is very important information in regards to the vehicle in question being a Ford Escape 2010.”

“This information is very easily obtained just by pulling it up and you will see a class action lawsuit. Obviously, if it’s a class action lawsuit then it’s pretty easy to —” Brooks continued, before Judge Jennifer Dorow asked, “so what’s your request, sir?”

“My request is to find out if Officer Schultz knew, to find out if the prosecution knew that the vehicles were recalled because of this malfunctioning throttle body.”

Brooks concluded his statement by saying that because of this recall, counts one through 73 against him “should be dismissed.”

According to Fox 11, Deputy District Attorney Lesli Boese stated that the recall was for an extended warranty that is now expired, and even if the car had an issue relevant to the warranty, hitting the brakes would have stopped the vehicle.

Dorow dismissed Brook’s requests, stating, “I’ve made my decision. I expect that you respect the decision at least as we are not going to debate it further.” 

Brooks was moved to a neighboring courtroom moments later due to multiple interruptions.

During Tuesday’s trial date, Brooks was also seen attempting to disrupt the proceedings, waving his hands repeatedly from a neighboring courtroom once again as Dorow read out the charges against him.

The defense and prosecution have rested their cases, with closing arguments set to be delivered on Tuesday afternoon.

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