Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman (D) attempted to provide a straightforward answer on why he now says he supports fracking when in the past he explicitly stated his opposition to it. When Fetterman was confronted about the flip flopping during Tuesday’s debate, it resulted in his declined mental faculties to be put on full display.

Fetterman suffered a stroke earlier this year and has had trouble expressing himself during short campaign stops and the debate against Republican opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz.

“I support fracking and I don’t I support fracking and I stand and I do support fracking,” said Fetterman after a long pause.

In a new interview, Fetterman said he supports fracking now because in the past he had environmental concerns about the practice. The effects of his stroke were evident during this answer as well.

“I absolutely would support fracking and I have in and I have at times have had concerns about environmental issues as well, too. And they, for example, they were they were, putting…the the producing the water into the rivers,” Fetterman said.

“They weren’t having that the appropriate levels of a treatments and- and now that and the laws have changed, you know. I believe that that I think as an important change and, again, I support fracking in that sense, and I am absolutely do support fracking,” he continued.

Fetterman struggled throughout the interview. In another point, when talking about immigration, he said, “You talk about the, the, the Liber, the Liberty of State—Stateu, um, has never had an inscription inside that said, you know, send your, your tired, whole—huddered, uh, masses.”

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