Just when you think you’ve heard it all, radical leftists like Fetterman’s wife find something else in America to label as racist.

Gisele Fetterman explained to a couple of people on video chat that “historically, swimming in America is very racist.”


What she said:

And while we did not want the mansion, that mansion came with a pool. And the pool, I wanted. The dream was to open this pool and make a public pool, turn it into the people’s pool and ensure that um young people across Pennsylvania could learn how to swim and learn water safety, and kind of work to right some of the wrongs. You know, historically um swimming in America is very racist. Um, and usually when you look at drowning statistics, it usually affects children of color because of lack of access.

This is nothing but more absurd white privilege garbage coming from leftist fools who’ve never found a statistic that negatively favored ‘people of color’ that they didn’t like.

They can turn anything and everything into racism. It’s a sickness.

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