Since rumors about Elon Musk buying tech giant Twitter started months and months ago, the Left has continued to lose their minds. Forget that Musk is actually more libertarian than anything, but the fact the billionaire respects and cherishes freedom of speech for all people is a threat to those who believe only they should be heard. So when it became more than a rumor, plenty of them said they would LEAVE … da da daaaaa!

And now that’s official Lefties are saying they will stay so they can SAVE THE COUNTRY from mean old freedom of speech.


Just take a look at these self-serving, sanctimonious lawn flamingos on the #IWasGoingToQuitTwitterBut tag:

Nah, he wants HIS clowns to represent America.

We’ve seen plenty of them visiting the White House.

This dude is staying so he can take Elon down.

What a toughie.

Notice this account’s name.

The irony of them claiming OTHERS are brainwashed.


Right, dude.

They’ll totally suspend you for that powerful Yoshi gif.

These people and their false sense of importance and superiority.



Much stunning even.

This person will fight until the very end.

On Twitter.

Don’t make that face.

Ok, make that face.

We did.

The reality of this trend …

If only they’d have followed through.

Then again, Canada is already a mess without our crazies.

It’s just like the Twitter employees sending Elon a list of demands he better adhere to or else.

Ridiculous nonsense and noise over the simple IDEA that another group of people will once again have a voice in the public square. It’s as if the Left really isn’t capable of dealing with anyone who disagrees with them about anything.

This is gonna be fun.



Blue-check tells Elon Musk he better meet Twitter employee demands OR ELSE he’ll lose them and LOL

Grifter Rebekah Jones’ campaign BUSTED posting doctored letter for gullible supporters (screenshots)

Entitled, whiny Twitter employee openly talking smack at Elon Musk does NOT go well, like at all


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