In the home stretch before arguably the most important election in modern U.S. history, Republican candidates are hitting absolute dingers out of the park in every at bat.

The latest came from Ohio’s J.D. Vance, who already leads goofy, progressive Senate candidate and Ohio Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan. Exclusively released to The Hill, Vance unveiled his latest attack ad, called “Breakfast.”

In the ad, Vance, while holding his adorable 10-month-old daughter, torches Ryan and the Democrats for taking America down a dangerous path of record inflation, which has led to high prices, especially when it comes to grocery bills. Vance argues in the ad that Ryan had a chance to stop Biden’s record inflation but failed to do so, putting Ohio families at risk of coming up short on simple things like having hot meals available.

“In our family, I make breakfast. But since Biden took over, breakfast, and everything else, is much more expensive,” Vance says at the outset of the ad.

“Tim Ryan could have stopped this inflation which is killing the middle class. Instead, he voted 100% for Biden’s and Pelosi’s liberal plans for trillions in new spending and taxes. That’s why groceries are so expensive,” Vance continued.

“If Tim Ryan shared our values, it wouldn’t be like this. I’m J.D. Vance, and I approve this message, because our families deserve better.”

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Vance’s latest spot is brilliant, as he keeps it simple and focuses on the only issue that a vast majority of voters are worried about as they head to the polls on November 8.

Grocery prices, gas prices, and the overall cost of living have increased dramatically on President Joe Biden’s watch, yet Democratic candidates like Ryan continue to focus on issues like abortion, which they incorrectly guessed would be at the top of Democratic voters’ priority list.

As The Hill noted, a recent Monmouth poll, among others, proved that inflation is the white-hot, key topic in 2022, with 82% of Americans indicating in that survey that inflation is an “extremely or very important” issue.

Vance and other strong Republican candidates are hammering the message home that Biden and the Democrats simply aren’t fit to run the country. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as our cognitively impaired president once said. If we continue down the track we’re on, we won’t even be able to afford pudding.

Luckily, it appears as though Vance and several other key Republican Senate candidates are holding strong against their opponents in the final days. FiveThirtyEight polling gives Vance nearly a five-point lead on Ryan, with many other individual polls telling a similar story. The pollster also has Vance as “favored” to win on Nov. 8.

The icing on the cake, according to The Columbus Dispatch, is that former President Donald Trump, one of Vance’s biggest fans, will make one of his final campaign-stumping stops in Ohio the night before Election Day.

The rally will be held at the Dayton International Airport in Vandalia, marking Trump’s second appearance to help nudge Vance across the proverbial finish line. Trump will also boost other Ohio candidates that he previously endorsed.

The outlet added:

Trump is Vance’s most high-profile backer, but other GOP leaders including Sens. Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham have barnstormed Ohio in recent weeks to boost Vance’s campaign. Republicans say Ohio is critical to ensuring they reclaim the Senate majority as they contend with close races in Pennsylvania, Georgia and other battleground states.

As long as Vance and other Republican candidates continue to hammer the core issues that matter to most Americans, like inflation, food prices, and gas, short of any dirty tricks by Dems, Republicans have this election in the bag.

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