Republican Kari Lake is going to be the next governor of the great state of Arizona and Democrats are losing their minds. The latest indication of the level of desperation of Democrats involves a break-in reported at the campaign headquarters of Lake’s Democrat challenger, Katie Hobbs. Hobbs and the Arizona Democrat Party were quick to point a finger at Lake.

The Hobbs campaign headquarters was burglarized earlier this week. Police were called and some items were reported taken from the headquarters. The break-in happened during the night and no suspect has been identified. The campaign, not the police, later released a photo of a suspect.

“Information was learned that items were taken from the property sometime during the night,” a police statement said. “No suspects have been identified. This is still an active investigation with detectives checking all security cameras in attempts to identify and locate the subject involved.”

The campaign released photographs of a person it said was identified as the suspect by the Phoenix Police Department after police reviewed the surveillance footage. The images show a younger man wearing shorts, a short-sleeved T-shirt and a backpack.

The Phoenix Police Department said it “has not released any images or video relating to this investigation and cannot confirm any suspects or investigative leads.”

Katie Hobbs is the current Secretary of State of Arizona. Her campaign staff say they are cooperating with the police investigation. Her campaign manager said Hobbs and the campaign staff have “faced hundreds of death threats and threats of violence over the course of this campaign.” The Arizona Democrat Party quickly released a statement blaming Lake and “fringe Republicans” for spreading “lies and hate and inciting violence”

Reporters asked for a comment from Lake and she let them have it.

“That is absolutely absurd. It sounds like a Jussie Smollett part two. You’re going to drag the people through something like this,” Lake said in response to a question from a CNN reporter following an event in honor of first responders on Wednesday.

“You’re letting a woman who has been running a terrible campaign direct you to a story like this? You know she is running a bad campaign.”

“I can’t believe she would blame my amazing people, blame me for something like that,” Lake said. “I don’t even know where her campaign office is. I’m assuming it’s in a basement somewhere because that’s where she’s been campaigning. You guys are despicable for falling into that trap.”

“I’m saddened that Hobbs and her camp would try to pin this on us. It’s defamatory and it’s wrong. Her own party is attacking her. She is trying to deflect her abysmal campaign,” she said.

Any questions?

This is why Lake is going to be the next governor and Hobbs will not. It is well-documented that Hobbs is a dreadful candidate. The legacy media covered for her for a long time, as they have for other bad Democrat candidates, but now even they are beginning to ask why Hobbs won’t debate Lake and why she won’t articulate her position on hot button issues like abortion. All she does is call Lake names and say that Lake brings the circus with her when she does events. That means she is calling voters the circus but maybe she doesn’t realize that. She doesn’t sound particularly bright when she does speak.

The contrast between Lake and Hobbs is huge. Lake is perfection on camera and during events. She is a former news anchor and knows how to work it for a camera and deliver in a professional and polished way. She is unapologetically a Trump supporter and he was very instrumental in her primary victory. He has come to Arizona to campaign for her and sings her praises. Like him, she is not bashful about slamming the press. She should know, given her career experience, right?

Katie Hobbs hides from the press and runs from reporters. It’s very odd seeing a grown woman and an elected state official running into a fast food restaurant’s restroom to avoid a reporter. And her campaign consultant did the same thing.

How is Hobbs to be trusted to run a state and handle emergencies if she can’t handle questions from one reporter at a fast food restaurant? I also thought it was odd that she was eating alone outside. Maybe it’s just me but usually candidates have someone with them when they are out in public during a campaign.

Lake is leading all of the recent polls. Real Clear Politics aggregated averaging shows Lake up by 3.2 points. I think by election night, her victory will be larger than that. The wind is at her back. Hobbs performed badly during the one and only debate she agreed to do with Lake. Lake is everywhere, talking to everyone. Her husband follows her on the campaign and records her. She calls herself her own campaign manager. There is no doubt who is in charge. Many of her staffers are under the age of 30. If she wins, and I definitely think she will, future candidates would do well to follow her playbook for victory. Candidates have to know what they believe, stay firm in their convictions, and don’t back down. Voters will respond.

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